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About us

We are two generations of artisans. We united for the realization of our creative ideas and also for continuation of our family values. We have been integrated into different arts such as traditional wood carving, folk weaving, musical art and directly leather craft. For the creating our leather bags we took only the best ideas and skills from them.

Our working principle are based on the quality of the final product. We carefully select the leather for the manufacture of bags and also all related things needed to create it. Therefore, objects are designed to be durable and to adapt to changing lifestyles. They stand the test of time and forge their uniqueness.

Our leather art carries elements of nationality identity. Our ancestors are natives of the ethnographic region of Ukraine - Hutsul region. So,    drawing inspiration from the nature, ethnography and history of our native land, we try to continue the symbolism of our ancestors and unite it in our work.

We started our journey about twenty years ago. Since then, we have participated in many exhibitions and festivals in Ukraine and abroad. And some early works continue to be preserved in museums as an example of the modern restoration of Hutsul applied art.

So, dear friends!

We welcome you to become a part of our LYMAR family! It’s honor for us to share an art of our hands with you. We believe that Lymar unites true connoisseurs of leather craft and just beautiful people around!